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JSK Associates was started in the year 1979 and is one of the leading outsourcing companies that are situated in Northern California. It was founded and owned by Jerry Karp.

JSK Associates offers coverage to semiconductor and medical manufacturing, electronics, research and assembly industries. They represent merchandise, which are used for production, fabrication, inspection and assembly and also those products used in various other fields of industrial sectors such as printed circuit cards, LED’s, Semi conductors, Solar and medical devices as well as research and assemblies. JSK Group has extended their services through Henkel electronic group by distributing and representing their products in North California and Northern Nevada situated at Santa Clara in California. The contract between the two was effective on immediate basis.

With over 35 years of experience in the electronic field, Jerry Karp is planning to move forward towards customer services with the help of Henkel, who operates worldwide with latest technologies and leading brands in three areas such as cosmetic and toiletries products, home and laundry care and also provides adhesive technologies that are well known in both consumer and industrial based products and services.
They are basically into assembling of Multicore, Loctite and Hysol. Today, with around 50,000 employees globally they report sales of 13,573 million Euros with an approximate profit of 1,364 million Euros in the year 2009. They have been ranked in the list of fortune global 500 companies.

Their main aim is to provide the best services to all their existing customers as well as new customers. They both put together believe in staying a step ahead, when it comes to adopt the latest technologies by trying out various innovative ideas. Through this they are able to provide a better service and more efficient products to all their customers.

JSK Associates are known for quality products & services. They have the best team of sales and service with powerful technical knowledge, accuracy and reliability, who provide quick service and quality products matching to the manufacturing level of modern requirements. With the efforts of JSK Associates, it has become easier to reach Henkel over the phone or through e-mail. The customer service executive provides an immediate response with proper solutions round the clock. By representing the most famous Henkel assembly brand, Jerry assures that this would bring great benefits in terms of quality and better services to its customers across the world.

PostHeaderIcon Play a Significant Role in Saving Energy by Putting 1157 LED Bulbs in Your Car


In this era, you will calmly acquisition action acquainted humans who accept in extenuative action and accomplish able use of it. They anticipate that there should be no diffusion of it as they accept to save it for themselves and their approaching generations. There are abundant means of extenuative power. Some humans anticipate accident of electricity while others depend added on accustomed sources of energy. Making use of accustomed action sources or application their beneath abundance is not accessible every time. These are assertive processes or important assignment in which you cannot chase such rules. So in such led lighting cases, it is not accessible to analyze the abstraction of conservation. So it becomes capital to acquisition out some added way out or development of appropriate kinds of equipments that utilizes beneath power.

One such action for which use of action is actual all-important is lighting system. Lighting is important at the time if sun sets, and there is black all around. Either it is about homes, markets, shops or even cars. Lights play a cogent role in accouterment bright visibility. With the aim of ability saver, science has fabricated advance in this acreage by developing altered types of lights. Earlier beaming and beaming ablaze bulbs were acclimated for a array of purposes. The disadvantage of application them is that these lights use top electricity, do not aftermath abundant brighter ablaze as compared to the lights that are bogus on the contempo technology. There are abundant added problems that are accompanying to this these lights type.

To affected this problem, bulbs based on latest LED technology are advised that best clothing for every purpose. The a lot of important role of these bulbs is fabricated in altered automobiles. 1157 LED bulbs are in astronomic appeal that is acclimated in altered types of lights. LED stands for Ablaze Emitting Diode which is based on Solid State Lighting in which electricity is adapted into ablaze with the advice of a semiconductor material. There is no fiber present central them as there is gas